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Celine Clasp Bags In 2011 Spring/Summer Series

Celine bags are always designed by its creative director Phoebe Philo who wishes to express a contemporary minimalist style through these bags series. The simple and refined models are always classic and unique, especially beyond age and season, and focus on functionality rather than fashion trends. Their easy-going styles which can match well with different outfits embody them the great investment value.

To be exact, Celine bags are simple and luxury. From the interior details to the outside design, the finest materials and the high standards of workmanship are used. From the creative development to production, each tiny detail is through the deep consideration. Although there are not so many embellishments, Celine bags still have the strong personality. The charming casual elegance can always be found behind the highly practicality and functionality.

The new Clasp series of Celine bags are purity stylish and ultimate luxury. Behind the low-key and refined elegance, there are always hidden the great practicality. Just like the Classic series bags, they are designed with the distinct row-edge gusset structure, but Clasp bags are softer. Owe to the extraordinary superb craftsmanship which calls for the quality leather materials and the most meticulous molding and sewing skills, the external and internal bags are perfect and the details of each structure is clearly visible.

The famous Celine landmark 100% bonded-leather structure is not only used in producing the clothing, but also in the production process of the handbags. Paired without any lining, Clasp bags simply make two layers of leather compounded together to bring the gentlest touch, the distinctive curvature and flexibility, and to create a distinctive modern image. The outer layer is made from the smooth leather, Box cow leather and the soft python leather, while the inner layer is from the grease-like soft sheepskin. The matching of different styles is to bring the subtle color contrast. Details such as "CELINE PARIS MADE IN ITALY" mark, Clasp buckle, mushroom & knot and other details all give the bag a strong fascination and artistic breath.