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Five Weeks of Gratitude

I am probably not so different than many of you out there....I, too, suffered from a tryptophan induced coma on Thanksgiving Day. And I actually got a little tired of watching football. But I managed to arise from the coma in time to wake my boys up on Black Friday (it was 9:30 am) to see if there was anything they needed at our local Macy's (and yes try to find parking at the mall).

And so begins the official start of the holiday season. It can be stressful trying to figure out what you want to buy for whom. And if you spend more than your budget it becomes even more stressful. I guess that is one reason why I like our office's Secret Santa program. We each get one name and a maximum budget is discussed and it goes from there. Much easier when you have to find something for only 1 person but it can be really thought out well.

As for me, I am going to try and do my best to buy gifts that were made in the USA. I already have some good ideas out there but some of them may be fattening. I know it does not always go with my healthy focus but it is OK to cheat every now and then and I can't think of a better time than during the holiday season. Just in moderation.

Over the years I have heard some people comment on how to respond to Merry Christmas if it is not your holiday. Personally it does not offend me and actually Christmas has transcended from being a strictly religious holiday to a retail holiday that is about being with your family and friends and just having a good time. That is why I have decided to call the time from Thanksgiving to Christmas the "Five Weeks of Gratitude" (next year it might only be 4 weeks, it depends on when Thanksgiving falls on the calendar).

Isn't gift giving a form of showing our gratitude for those in our lives? And by the way, gifts do not have to be found in a box all wrapped up to go. While that is something that we all understand, I believe that some of the greatest gifts I get in the world are the close friendships and great professional relationships that I share with those that are an important part of my life.

So for the next 5 weeks I will be practicing multiple acts of gratitude. Of course at this time there are 2 people that I have the most gratitude for. To my wife, Janis, I love you and could not have gotten to where we are in life without your love and support. To my mom, there is a reason there is Mother's Day and I love you too.