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How to Buy Shoes for Your Girlfriend at Christmas

No committed male in a healthy, blossoming relationship wants to be remembered as the "gift certificate guy" by his loving lady on December 25th. In order to put your best foot forward when Christmas shopping for your significant other - nothing kicks off the present exchange process with your girlfriend like a fresh pair of woman's shoes. But how does a man choose a pair of footwear that would never be worn on his own feet? These simple suggestions will prevent you from stumbling over the wrong shoes.

What is her style?

Sure, you can pick what you would like her to wear, cross your fingers for good luck and save the receipt. But why not investigate your girlfriend's current collection (it is probably extensive) and take note of all the similarities in style? Which colors keep reoccurring? Is she a leather lover or does she swear by suede? Which brands does she appear to show the most loyalty towards? Do high heels heighten your girlfriend's mood or is she more laid back with loafers? Follow her purchasing patterns. Getting too creative might lead to a fake smile and a trip back to the mall the next day.

Shoe sizes?

There are two simple ways to determine your girlfriend's shoe size without offending her or hinting that you are buying her a pair of shoes. While performing your before-mentioned research to discover the shoes that she likes to wear - simply notate the shoe size for each brand. Be ready to make this happen as soon as she goes to take a shower.

But let's be honest, she may not give you enough alone time with her precious footwear emporium to lift up each pair to read the faded numbers inside them. No worries, just ask her - without asking. "Your feet are perfect babe. What are you a size 7?" When she answers, your reply should be: "In high heels or flats?"

Compare prices.

Now the fun part is picking the perfect pair - at the perfect price. With an online search you can quickly cross-reference your favorite selections and find out the nearest retail stores that sell them. You obviously can order her shoes online if time allows. But if the inventory suddenly has run out or the shipping is delayed for an unexpected reason - "Merry Christmas" will become "Merry Crisis." Also, why not enjoy the Christmas spirit physically instead of virtually?

You now can feel confident that you have made an educated decision about which pair of shoes will look fabulous on your girlfriend's feet. She may even give you extra credit for knowing her favorite brands and colors.