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Wedding Favors - DIY Or Buy?

Sure, wedding favors are a very small part of the wedding preparations, literally and figuratively. This does not mean, however, that you can completely do without them, if only for the sake of bringing back good memories of your wedding for you and your guests.

Now, that you have been persuaded to provide for wedding favors, the next matter to be decided on will have to be whether to engage in a do-it-yourself project or purchase said favors. Well, here are the pros and cons for each decision.


If you are very good with your hands at arts and crafts projects, then you can make your own favors with nary a moment's hesitation. After all, it is for your own wedding and there ought to be nothing you cannot do for your dream wedding!

On one hand, there are advantages to making your own favors, of course, which include the following:

* Personalized favors in the truest sense of the word for, after all, you did make them personally!

* Bigger savings on cost since you skip the professional fees, expensive materials and other incidental expenses with store-bought favors.

* Great way to bond with your family and friends who are involved with the wedding planning.

On the other hand, the disadvantages of making DIY wedding favors can offset its benefits. For one thing, it can take away precious time away from more important things in your wedding, say, the venue and menu. For another thing, you might just find yourself with more expenses than you bargained for when the economies of scale come into play!

Thus, before deciding that you want to add a truly personalized touch to your wedding favors, you might want to weigh the pros and cons before taking the plunge.


On the other end of the favor spectrum, you can do yourself a favor and just make someone else's business richer, thanks to your wedding. In other words, just buy the favors already!

Well, of course, there are benefits to be had from buying your favors from professional manufacturers of the darling little items. First, you can leave the nitty-gritty work of putting little part to another little part to the professionals. Therefore, you will experience less hassle with the manufacturing process.

Second, you can devote more time to other more important matters of the wedding planning. And believe us, there will be other things that will crop up at the last minute to significantly alter your schedule! At least, the matter of wedding favors is one less worry for you to attend to.

There are disadvantages to store-bought favors, too. You might have to spend more money than on DIY favors and you might even run into delivery problems! After all, so many things can also happen to favors made by professional hands since we are all but human.

With this information in mind, you are now better equipped to answer the question most soon-to-be-wed brides have to answer and answer fast - Wedding favors: Should I DIY or buy? It's your call.